Yamaha Rhino OHV Rental

Fra USD US$ 200,00
The trail system on Kruzof Island starts at Mud Bay in Krestof Sound.  This is where you will meet an outfitter to check out your Vehicle.  Before you travel to mud bay you will stop at our outfitting shop at 105 B Monastery street to fill out rental papers and leave the required deposit.  When you sign the rental agreements you will be required to leave a $500 cash deposit and sign assumption of risk forms.  Your rental vehicle will include an MVUM (motor vehicle use map) that shows you what trails and roads are permitted for riding.    There are no roads to Kruzof Island so you will need to plan boat transportation to and from Mud Bay.  The check out of the vehicle takes approximately 30 minutes please arrange your boat transport to arrive at mud bay at the rental start time.  The same goes for the return of the vehicle an outfitter will be there at the start and end of the rental so please be prompt.  Additional charges will apply for late checkouts or returns.  You may bring your own helmet if you wish or one will be provided for you at no additional charge.  The Rhinos are equipped with Bear mace and air horns for bear protection at no additional charge. Sitka Alaska Outfitters suggests riding with a buddy in the event of a mechanical failure in a remote location.  If you need additional equipment let us know there is a good chance we will have it available.